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App Store commission delayed for some apps

App Store commission delayed for some apps

Apps in which virtual meetings or lessons can be held are not yet required to make payments through the Apple App Store. The deadline was not until December but has been postponed until June.

Apple announced the postponement via a message on its website. This specifically concerns the participation costs for a virtual event, not the apps themselves or software features within the app. Payments for one-on-one sessions may still take place outside the App Store.

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Virtual events

If it is possible within an app to purchase tickets for a virtual event that can be attended with the app, Apple’s policy requires that payment be made through the App Store. Apple will then receive a commission of 15 or 30 percent.

Extra time

Initially, the deadline for payments through the App Store was set for December 2020. However, the company moved that date to 30 June 2021. This was to give developers “additional time for developing in-app purchase solutions”.


Apple has been under fire for its App Store store policies for some time now. Last summer, Epic Games, supported by other parties such as Spotify, sued Apple for its policy regarding payments for and in apps on iOS and iPadOS.

In response, Apple recently reduced the commission small developers have to pay, from 30 to 15 precent, but the plaintiffs are still not satisfied.

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