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Google makes Fuchsia more accessible for developers

Google makes Fuchsia more accessible for developers

Google has announced that it is adapting the open-source model of its mysterious Fuchsia operating system so that more developers can contribute to its development. The company wants to expand the system into a full OS that can eventually succeed Android.

The tech giant has been actively developing the operating system for over four years. The project is completely open-source and thus the complete source code can be found online


To make it easier for outsiders to contribute to the project, Google is taking a few steps. It created a mailing list for project discussions and set up a governance model in which the company can clarify how strategic decisions are made.

Google has also made the issue tracker publicly available, making it clear what Google is currently working on. People who want to make their own contributions can go through a new process that Google has shared online.

Finally, Google has published a technical roadmap that gives outsiders a better idea of the direction and priorities of the project.

Successor to Android

Fuchsia is an operating system that Google has been officially working on since 2016. Google is designing it around four principles: secure, updatable, inclusive and pragmatic. Google appears to be planning to replace Android with Fuchsia in due course. It can already run on Chromebooks.