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Fortinet has acquired Panopta. Panopta is a company that creates software to keep track of the status of all the devices managed by an organisation. Fortinet wants to incorporate the functionality in its own offerings.

In a blog post, Fortinet writes about the details of the takeover. The company also explains which services Panopta offers. Fortinet calls it a SaaS solution that provides insight into an organisation’s entire network. This includes servers, network equipment, containers, applications, databases, virtual appliances and cloud infrastructure. The software helps administrators achieve 100 percent uptime.

Improvements to existing services

Fortinet wants to use Panopta’s software to improve its own services. Fortinet customers will be able to use the software to maintain insight into the status of various Fortinet services. The company also intends to integrate the services into its Next-Generation Firewall and Secure SD-WAN solutions.

Panopta is founded in 2007 and employs 38 people. How much Fortinet has paid for the company and what role Panopta CEO Jason Abate will fulfil after the acquisition is not known.

Tip: GTT wants to connect multinationals with own network and SD-WAN