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ServiceNow said it is launching COVID-19 vaccine management tools to scale the distribution, administration, and monitoring of the available vaccines. The company’s offering is named the Vaccine Administration Management and is built on ServiceNow’s Customer Service Management Platform.

ServiceNow has launched Emergency Response Apps during the pandemic and a Safe Workplace suite used by employees returning to the workplace.

According to ServiceNow, the company wants to solve the challenges in the last mile of vaccine management, including activities surrounding the distribution, administration, and monitoring of the vaccines.

Pandemic-prompted inventions

The vaccines have constraints in the supply chain, including unique storage needs and two injections spaced apart. If you add the disconnected legacy systems and data silos, the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine has been a mixed bag with mostly sub-par results.

The recent developments made in vaccine management include:

  • Blockchain, Big Data, and IoT have all come together to speed up the supply chain.
  • Microsoft, Salesforce, and Oracle all joined together to form a cohesive COVID-19 vaccination records system.
  • RFID chips are effective at tracking equipment and medications to adhere to the vaccine’s cold storage needs.

ServiceNow has launched several apps that have been used by organizations to return to the traditional office setting.

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A niche opened up

Vaccine management has become a hot space, attracting companies like Microsoft, Salesforce, and Workday to launch apps that help transition workers back to normalcy. ServiceNow has said that it has more than 100 organizations using its products to manage vaccine distribution.

The organizations include the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services as well as NHS Scotland.

ServiceNow announced that it would add more apps to aid in the last mile effort that gets the vaccine to people in the coming weeks.

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