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Microsoft has made it possible to synchronise passwords stored in Edge with non-Windows devices. To do this, it has released a Chrome extension and added more features to the Authenticator app for mobile devices.

Like any modern browser, Microsoft Edge has the ability to store passwords. These passwords can then be synchronised with a linked Microsoft account so that they can be used on other computers. Since Microsoft Edge does not enjoy much popularity on platforms other than Windows, the company has come up with an alternative.

Chrome extension

For Chrome users, Microsoft has released the Microsoft Autofill extension. The extension works like any other password manager, by automatically filling in login fields and offering a page with an overview of saved passwords. Autofill is available for download from the Chrome Web Store.

App for Android and iOS

Microsoft has also kept mobile users in mind. The tech giant has expanded its Authenticator app for Android and iOS to be able to synchronise passwords with a linked Microsoft account. This app then automatically fills in details at login pages on websites and apps. Before the update, Microsoft Authenticator was primarily used to generate codes for two-stage authentication. The app is available in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Apple going down the same path

The timing of this step is remarkable. Last week, Apple also released a password extension for Chrome. This allows for passwords stored in iCloud to be used in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, so iCloud passwords’ usefulness is no longer limited to just Apple devices. Android users, however, still have no easy way to access their iCloud passwords.

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