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The new app follows a similar release for iPhones and Android phones.

This week Microsoft released an all-in-one Office app for iPads. The release signals a new approach by Microsoft regarding Office on mobile. The all-in-one feature appeared earlier on iOS and Android to iPadOS.

The new app combines Word, Excel, PowerPoint. It also boasts several device-specific mobile features, such as PDF management tools and a file browser.

Microsoft released this same app for iPhones and Android phones almost a year ago exactly. Users could run the iPhone appon iPads, but only in a sort of windowed mode. This new iPad-specific version delivers a full-screen tablet interface and supports various iPad multitasking features.

What happens to the old Office apps?

Microsoft will likely transition the various individual apps for iPad and iPhone out of circulation entirely. It’s recommended that users who currently use Excel or PowerPoint in an app separate from Office should transition to the new unified, singular Office app.

There is a new listing for the app in the Apple App Store. It says that the iPadOS-optimized app provides Word, Excel, and PowerPoint functionality. In addition, however, this app has the ability to create new “Notes” for Office documents. The app also has its own built-in camera system (Lens).

Cross-platform functionality

The new app will allow users to work on the same documents across different devices. There is cloud connectivity to allow sharing and collaboration between various platforms, such as iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC.

This app is currently in the App Store ranked 17th in the “Productivity” category. And the app isn’t free. Microsoft is making it available through their Office subscription programs.