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Red Hat has a new update for its business process management (BPM) platform. The update is meant to make the most of open-source business automation that runs natively on Kubernetes. Senior principal product marketing manager for Red Hat, Phil Simpson, says that the subscription to Red Hat Process automation will give users access to Kogito VSCode Tooling.

Developers can use it to construct rules-based processes for Kubernetes environments, using a Visual Studio construct they are used to. With time, the Red Hat Process Automation will be based on Kogito.

What’s the big bet?

Red Hat is trying to make deployment of its BPM platform simpler, across multiple clouds and on-premises environments, according to Simpson. Kogito is based on Quarkus, an open-source framework created by Red Hat to build Java apps that are optimized to run Kubernetes clusters.

Red Hat is making integration between its Process Automation Platform and Apache Kafka tighter at the same time. The open-source software is used for messaging, enabling digital processes to happen across multiple platforms.

The latest release of the Red Hat Process Automation Platform now has access to heat maps that developers can use to see which processes are used the most.

The pandemic changed things

Since the pandemic started, the level of re-engineering going in the business processes world has seen a steep rise. Organizations of all kinds have realized that legacy processes are not nearly enough and need more extensibility.

In numerous cases, the efforts include moving processes built using a Java-based framework like the Red Hat Process Automation Platform, to the cloud.

To achieve this, the processes need to be able to use Kubernetes and containers using Kogito to run anywhere. Not everything is worth changing when it comes to business processes but it seems enterprises need this.