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Qualtrics has announced XM/OS. This is supposed to be an operating system in which customer experiences can be collected and examined. In practice, however, it is a platform that runs in the cloud.

Qualtrics told us that XM/OS is a cloud-native platform that allows companies to bring together all their experience data, analyse it and act on it. By experience data, Qualtrics talks about the experiences that customers and employees share about a company and its brand. Based on the information gathered, companies can build new experiences that will hopefully attract new customers and employees and drive loyalty and retention.

“The new normal is already here and with the acceleration of digital, all it takes to change jobs or service providers is a few clicks,” said Brad Anderson, President of Products and Services, Qualtrics. “Companies that want to emerge as leaders in the future need to capture and truly understand the feelings and emotions of their customers and employees, and then act on that data to design the experiences they want next and continuously improve them over time.”

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XM Directory

XM/OS is made up of three services from Qualtrics: XM Directory, iQ and xFlow. The first of this trio serves as a database where all data about customer and employee experiences is stored. It contains profiles of individuals and their experiences, with optional additional information such as spending, working hours and last purchases.


Of course, it wouldn’t be much of a modern platform if it didn’t include some form of artificial intelligence, and that is where iQ comes in. This system analyses the data stored within XM/OS and identifies trends and opportunities for improvement, as well as problems in the customer or employee journey.


Finally, xFlow is a tool that allows companies to create low-code or no-code workflows that integrate with, for example, HR and CRM systems. The tool works as standard with all kinds of services from companies such as SAP, ServiceNow, Salesforce and Zendesk, as well as with communication tools such as Teams and Slack.

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