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ServiceNow has made an acquisition agreement with Lightstep. Lightstep specialises in application monitoring and observability, and ServiceNow wants to use that company’s knowledge for its own products.

With the acquisition, ServiceNow wants to help DevOps professionals build, deploy, run and monitor cloud-native applications, the company says in an announcement. CJ Desai, ServiceNow’s CPO, tells ZDNet that the goal of the acquisition is to “transform software as we have transformed IT.”

Observability beyond DevOps

Desai says that with the acquisition, observability is no longer limited to just DevOps. Lightstep offers an overview of the entire software stack within a single platform. The platform collects telemetry from all kinds of different sources and displays it in its observability platform. The services of Lightstep will be added to ServiceNow’s existing portfolio of IT products. The acquisition will also give more customers access to Lightstep’s observability services. Among current customers are companies like GitHub, Twilio and Spotify.

The acquisition not only brings several new products to ServiceNow’s portfolio, but also expands the workforce with several highly talented employees. The Lightstep team previously worked at Google on projects such as OpenTelemetry, Dapper and Monarch.

Easier to innovate quickly

“Companies are betting on going digital in order to thrive in the 21st century, but the transition is often challenging to navigate,” said Pablo Stern, Senior Vice President and General Manager of IT Workflow Products at ServiceNow. “With Lightstep, ServiceNow will transform how software solutions are delivered to customers. This will ultimately make it easier for customers to innovate quickly. Now they’ll be able to build and operate their software faster than ever before and take the new era of work head on with confidence.”

How much money is involved in the acquisition, ServiceNow does not specify. The acquisition is expected to be completed in the second quarter of 2021.

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