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An AI-powered “relationship Insights” feature aims to lure customers in three key sectors.

Salesforce is turbocharging its industry-specific cloud platform offerings with new enhancements targeting companies in the financial services, healthcare and consumer goods sectors. This week the company announced the release of Einstein Relationship Insights, a new AI-powered research agent. Einstein autonomously explores the internet and internal data sources to discover relationships between customers, prospects and companies.

Salesforce claims that these types of insights are all there to help sales reps close deals faster. Einstein Relationship Insights acts as a virtual agent for salespeople in all industries. It scans the web, social media, collaboration apps and other online sources to uncover and recommend related people and companies.

“Einstein Relationship Insights is an important example of how AI can work with – not in place of – salespeople to help them close more deals and increase revenue,” the company says.

“AI-powered tools are increasingly essential for over-burdened reps – without AI, sales reps are left to manually research critical relationships and networks around key decision-makers that lead to a connection.”

Building on a $2 billion a year business

The company says that its vertical-specific cloud platforms represent a $2 billion business. The new capabilities, which Salesforce announced today during a virtual event, should give that business a boost in a time when rivals are similarly building out more features for specific industries. 

Salesforce is best known for its customer relationship management platform. However, the company also provides several other cloud platforms that help enterprises with tasks such as marketing and customer support. Salesforce offers vertical-specific versions of those products with additional features tailored to different industries. There are a a total of 12 vertical-specific Salesforce cloud platforms. The company rolled out all 12 platforms in just the past two years. 

Jason Briggs, Senior Director of Product Management, Einstein Relationship Insights, commented in a blog post. “Salespeople should be able to focus on the areas that matter most, like high-touch online or in-person customer interactions,” he said. They can then leverage technology as an assistant to handle the manual task of searching for relevant insights, he added.

“ERI can do this at a pace and scale that is impossible for any human to do. This is a glimpse into the future of how humans will successfully work in tandem with AI.”