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Salesforce announced that it’s bringing updates to Work.com, its employee engagement platform. The updates include enhancements that affect the worker’s wellbeing, career advancement, fulfilment, productivity, and support.

The new additions include Work.com Wellbeing, which will help employees with their financial, mental, and physical wellness. Work.com Talent, which helps users to learn and grow, and finally, Employee Service solutions, which will increase productivity by automating support.

Work.com is designed to help users manage performance and engagement, using a social media-like approach, while providing employees with a centered experience and a portal where self-service is available to employees, in all aspects of corporate support.

Bridging a gap

Patrick Stokes, the executive Veep and General Manager of Platform at Salesforce, said that the company sees an opportunity to intentionally transform the employee experience and make hybrid work productive, fulfilling, and equitable for all.

With the pandemic, many employees had to start working remotely. However, with remote work, there is a prevailing sense of isolation and distance that can pull a workforce apart.

The features in Work.com are designed to bridge this gap and these updates will go a long way to help achieve that. 

The products

Work.com Wellbeing provides employees with complete confidential pulse checks in the Employee Workspace during the flow of work. It is an aggregation of data and trends to see how teams feel. Work.com Talent provides employees discovery for roles they can fit into and advance internally, in a way that’s aligned with their career goals.

Employee Service encompasses a cluster of updates designed to make interactions more intuitive and intelligent.

The HR Service Center will streamline resources processes like paperwork and onboarding, to create an integrated experience and automate as much as possible. There are chatbots added too, which can answer general questions and escalate the conversation to a human representative if the questions are too complex.