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Infor introduces a Microsoft Teams integration of Infor Coleman AI Digital Assistant, the voice and text control tool of AI platform Infor Coleman.

AI platform Infor Coleman has been available since 2018. The Infor Coleman AI Digital Assistant enables end users to leverage AI through voice and text inputs. Initially, the tool was supported by a Coleman app, web browser and Alexa for Amazon. Thanks to the new integration, Microsoft Teams joins the ranks.

How it works

According to Infor, Infor Coleman provides companies with AI technology for streamlining business processes and gaining new insights. Use cases are diverse. To paint a comprehensible picture, we’ll start with a bland but tangible example: ordering coffee from the nearest restaurant.

A user opens Infor Coleman through Microsoft Teams. Said user requests a cup of coffee through text or voice. Infor Coleman responds with two or three contextual questions at the most and proceeds to order the coffee. The AI knows where the nearest coffee shop is, can immediately checkout and have the order delivered to the correct address. Because the technology is built on Infor’s API gateway, all required data — be it from third-party or other Infor applications — is retrievable.

This is not an out-of-the-box solution. While Infor Coleman is widely available and does not rely on other Infor solutions, relevant data must find a way into its system. If an organization’s sales data is missing, the AI cannot answer questions about new sales opportunities. Implementation can take multiple weeks. Thus, it should come as no surprise that implementation can take upwards of six weeks, as stated by Infor in 2019.

In practice

So much for the basic concept. You can imagine that Infor Coleman’s business applications extend far beyond ordering a cup of coffee. Uses includes data management, data analysis, forecasting, Robotic Process Automation and more. Once the AI is set up, data has been connected and the Digital Assistant is launched, a query for the aforementioned sales opportunities results in an analysis of all connected data sources. The AI’s subsequent answer is, according to Infor, of great value.

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