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Red Hat OpenShift 4.10 offers more AI and machine learning functionality through Nvidia Enterprise AI.

OpenShift is Red Hat’s Kubernetes distribution. The newest version features open-source containers and frameworks that support the Nvidia Enterprise AI 2.0 software suite. New containers and frameworks are certified to run on Red Hat and VMware vSphere data center platforms. The platforms exclusively run on servers with Nvidia processors and GPUs. Ultimately, customers can access an out-of-the-box AI platform, allowing a full focus on AI deployment while minimising infrastructure concerns.

Customers can deploy this Nvidia Enterprise AI-optimized Kubernetes environment to other Nvidia-certified AI infrastructure systems, such as Nvidia DGX A100.

Cloud workloads and Arm

In addition to Nvidia integrations and AI capabilities, version 4.10 focuses on supporting cloud workloads in hybrid and public cloud environments. 4.10 features Installer provisioned infrastructure (IPI) support for Azure Stack Hub, Alibaba Cloud and IBM Cloud. Additionally, OpenShift performance on Arm processors was increased.

Security and compliance

Furthermore, OpenShift 4.10 introduces new security functionality. Sandbox containers are now generally available. Moreover, OpenShift clusters more easily fit into offline and air-gapped environments.

Finally, three new compliance operators were added: Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), North American Electric Reliability Corporation Critical Infrastructure Protection (NAERC CIP) and FedRAMP Moderate. Operators ensure that Kubernetes clusters meet the compliance requirements of the sector in question.

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