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Freshworks targets startups with Freshstack

Freshworks targets startups with Freshstack

Freshworks announces Freshstack to better support startups. At the Refresh conference, the company unveiled its customer relationship management (CRM) suite, built for the needs of startups.

In a press conference prior to Refresh, CEO Girish Mathrubootham explained that the most significant purchase in a startup’s toolkit is a CRM application. Moreover, according to the CEO, startups need to rely on modern CRM. Thus, he thinks it is a logical step to develop a suite that meets the needs of startups. Freshstack should help startups unify sales, marketing and customer service.

Three core components

Freshstack consists of three Freshworks products. For sales activities, there is Freshsales, with solutions to support sales activities. Freshsales also provides context-driven forecasting and sales pipeline management. In addition, there is Freshmarketer, the software that focuses on automating marketing operations. Freshmarketer includes functionality for lead generation, email personalization and shipping optimization.

The final component, Freshdesk, focuses on customer service. This is also the product that originally made Freshworks big. Freshworks describes it as an “omnichannel customer service solution with a new unified inbox and collaboration functionality between support, sales and marketing teams, to help companies solve problems faster.”

Why startups?

With its three core products, Freshstack should provide an ideal CRM foundation for startups. According to the SaaS vendor, the combination offers startups what they need to get started with a CRM platform right away. The stack ultimately supports attracting new customers and maintaining relationships with existing ones. The bundle also promises scalability as a startup grows.

To make further attract startups, Freshstack comes with $3,000 in free credits. Freshworks slides the initiative under its Startup Program. The credits can be used in the Freshworks Marketplace, which contains apps to customize the CRM bundle to the startup’s needs.

Tip: Freshworks to conquer CRM market with simplicity, price and implementation