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Parallels launches Parallels Toolbox 5.1. A new function for Mac users allows the viewing of CPU core temperatures. A new function for Windows allows the changing of uppercase letters to lowercase and vice versa.

Parallels Toolbox is a single macOS and Windows application with tools for more than 40 handy functionalities that are normally tucked away in macOS and Windows settings or can only be performed through workarounds. Think of taking a screenshot of a part of the screen. Using the print screen key and cropping the image in Paint or Photoshop achieves the goal, but requires more steps than the single feature introduced by Parallels Toolbox. The same goes for blocking camera access and disabling sleep mode. More than 40 multi-step functions in macOS and Windows require a single mouse click in Parallels Toolbox.

Update Parallels Toolbox 5.1 adds two functions to the solution. One for macOS users, allowing the display of CPU core temperature. Another for Windows users, allowing text input and transformation of lower- to uppercase letters — and vice versa.

Not groundbreaking, but safe

For those with rich macOS or Windows experience, the additions will not come across as groundbreaking. The same goes for every other feature that Toolbox has. Innovation is not the main goal. Firstly, Toolbox provides a shortcut to features already present in macOS and Windows. Secondly, Toolbox offers a safe path for functions for which users typically reach for third-party apps. Think of creating a GIF, generating a QR code or downloading a YouTube video. The latter issues have dozens of third-party answers that can rarely be trusted blindly. Toolbox offers a secure alternative.