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Kyndryl announces an intensive collaboration with Google Cloud to support companies’ modernization projects.

Since Kyndryl’s official launch in November, the managed infrastructure service provider has expanded its portfolio. Cloud services and data management are receiving particular attention, as illustrated by the newly announced collaboration with Google Cloud. It should provide support for customers’ modernization projects and contribute to the further growth of Kyndryl and Google Cloud.

Different components

Kyndryl and Google Cloud will make it possible to do more with data analytics. To this end, Kyndryl is combining its data management services and integration capabilities with the cloud giant’s analytics and AI offerings. In addition, edge computing is part of the collaboration. The managed infrastructure services provider will market a number of industry-specific solutions for this. The solutions use Google Cloud’s services to enable and extend connectivity, computing power capabilities and analytics at the network’s edge.

Exactly what these services consist of is not known. Experts believe they include edge services launched by Google earlier this year. Think of Google Distributed Cloud Edge. Kyndryl’s managed infrastructure services will allow the delivery and management of solutions such as the latter on customers’ premises.

Workload migration

In addition, both parties will focus on supporting the transfer of on-premises workloads to a public cloud environment. Both parties will also focus on solutions for the financial services sector.

Kyndryl also plans to certify half of its staff for Google Cloud in the coming years. For this purpose, it has set up its own Google Cloud Academy for Kyndryl.


The cooperation between Kyndryl and Google Cloud is not an isolated case. Previously, the Kyndril announced close collaborations with Microsoft, SAP and VMware. The announcement of a partnership with AWS is likely to be on the horizon.