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Infor and AWS are strengthening their partnership. Infor CloudSuite Automotive, an industry-focused ERP solution, joins the ranks of AWS for Automotive, an umbrella term for AWS’ industry-focused infrastructure and software. The move suggests a trend.

At a glance, the organizations deliberately skimp over the content of the announced collaboration. We know Infor will play a role in AWS for Automotive, but have to interpret the details.

The collaboration could take several forms. For a start, the organizations already have ties. If you are currently in the market for an automotive-focused cloud ERP solution, Infor CloudSuite Automotive is a solid option. AWS is the only cloud provider that supports the software.

At the same time, AWS has a larger stake in the automotive industry. Its support of Infor is everything but the only sector-specific action the cloud giant undertakes. This brings us to the first hint of the content of the organizations’ new collaboration.

The bigger picture

Under the name of AWS for Automotive, AWS offers multiple infrastructure and software services for automotive organizations. ‘AWS IoT FleetWise’ facilitates data collection from self-driving vehicles; ‘Autonomous Vehicle Data Lake’ provides sector-specific storage, and ‘AWS Robotic Drive Cloud’ includes development tools.

AWS claims to have a complete technology stack for development in the automotive industry. While the statement is true, ‘development’ is the keyword. AWS does not have a complete technology stack for the automotive industry as a whole. If you are in the market for the latter, you’ll need to knock on several doors.

Infor is one of those doors. It develops CloudSuite Automotive, an ERP solution for the automotive industry. As mentioned earlier, the cloud software is already supported by AWS. Current collaborations are technical in nature. We expect to see that change.

In the near future, Infor will likely appear among the solutions that AWS lists under AWS for Automotive. On the surface, that’s little more than a promotion. Under the hood, the move suggests a strategic trend.

AWS aspires to a complete technology stack for the automotive industry. A bigger dream than the current iteration of AWS for Automotive, which primarily consists of development solutions.

The choice for Infor’s ERP system is logical. Other organizations, including SAP, develop industry-specific ERP as well. Infor, on the other hand, is inextricably linked to AWS. Both the technology and relationship are in place. Why wouldn’t the organizations leverage that?

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