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Logitech added more options for hybrid working to Logitech Sync, its cloud-based management platform. In particular, the update brings functionality for managing peripherals such as webcams, headsets and docking applications.

Logitech Sync was updated to allow IT departments to manage devices and equipment outside the perimeters of a corporate network. Above all, the platform aims to enable device management in increasingly hybrid working environments.

Sync update

The cloud-based platform has been updated to provide IT administrators with more options for remotely managing employee (home) workstations and distributed meeting rooms. Administrators can solve problems from a single, centralized environment.

New features include remote firmware updating and functionality for distributed meeting rooms and workstations. The Sync platform integrates with major collaboration and conferencing platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Google Meet. According to Logitech, this provides IT administrators with insight into the various devices used by employees, independent of their OS.

In addition, Sync should deliver more analytics, such as meeting room availability and occupancy. This allows managers to arrange their office spaces for hybrid working. Among other things, analysis helps decide on scaling office capacity up or down.

Other Sync functionality

In addition, Logitech Sync now works with Logitech Tune. The latter software allows employees to personalize webcams, headsets or Logi Docks. As a result, they can participate in video meetings with pre-configured, detailed settings such as camera framing, autofocus and colour adjustment.

The upgrade is available for existing customers through a free public beta. Early access to the phased release of new Sync functionality can be requested through the Sync Portal.