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Aiden acquires ITvisors. Through ITvisors’ low-code expertise, Aiden hopes to grow on the European market.

Aiden was founded to merge several SAP partners. In the fall of 2021, Asecom/Agion, INSynQ, Serac and Xperi chose to continue under the same banner. Now, a few months later, the organization provides IT services based on SAP with more than 300 specialists.

ITvisors matured as a partner of Mendix and SAP. The organization specializes in low-code. With the acquisition, Aiden acquires new expertise. In the coming years, Aiden wants to become one of the largest European service providers of SAP and low-code for the middle market. ITvisors is a perfect fit.

Faster development

Erik-Jan Kerremans, Managing Director of Aiden, clarifies the future role of ITvisors within Aiden. “We see a great need for complete solutions. In addition to ERP, our customers use applications for CRM, e-commerce and warehousing. We have an integration department to make sure their systems connect well. With ITvisor’s low-code expertise, we’re able to take the next step. Low-code expertise allows us to develop workflows and industry-specific solutions faster.”

According to Aiden, the management of ITvisors will remain closely involved in the development of the organization. Kerremans: “The expansion is not only valuable in terms of technology. The cultures of our organizations match well.”

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