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PriceRunner, a Swedish price comparison platform, sues Google for manipulating search results. Allegedly, Google is bumping its own price comparison service to the top of results. PriceRunner is suing Google for 22 billion Swedish kronor (2.1 billion euros).

PriceRunner states that Google manipulates search results on price comparisons to give its comparison service more priority than competitors. Google has previously been found guilty of the latter. European authorities slapped the tech giant with a 2.42 billion euro fine in 2017. According to PriceRunner, Google hasn’t corrected its policy and remains unfairly favouring itself.

New lawsuit

The Swedish platform is taking its case to the Swedish courts, claiming damages of around 2.1 billion euros in lost revenues in the UK and Scandinavia, among others. The price comparison platform claims to have sufficient funding to win a lengthy legal battle.

Response from Google

In response, Google states that it applied changes to search results to correct itself following the latest lawsuit. Google says PriceRunner has insufficiently competed through advertisements and is personally responsible for its losses.