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With an acquisition, Bosch is extending its expertise in autonomous driving and boosting its market position. Atlatec, situated in Karlsruhe, Germany, will become part of the Bosch Cross-Domain Computing Solutions division but operate independently.  

Atlatec is a leading producer of high-resolution digital maps for vehicular applications and autonomous driving around the globe. In Germany, Japan, and the United States, the firm, spun off from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in 2014, currently employs 25 personnel.

The firm’s maps are deployed in cars with Level 3 & 4 automation technology.

Bosch is betting on maps

The company is investing in mapping because the assumption is that the technology is crucial to the future and further developments in automated driving technologies like cameras and radar.

Mathias Pillin, the president of cross-domain computing solutions at Bosch, made a statement saying that the acquisition further expands Bosch’s expertise in high-resolution maps while diversifying the division it joins.

Pillin added that Bosch is now the only company that can offer its customers the building blocks to create automated driving, spanning sensors, actuators, maps, and more from the same source.

All in one place

The senior vice president of the Automated Driving unit in the Bosch Cross-Domain Computing Solutions division, Dr. Stephan Hönle, commented that with its technology package for developing high-resolution maps, Atlatec GmbH is an excellent fit for Bosch.

The resultant mapping solution is extremely clever and adaptable, distinguishing it from competing products. He pointed out that the AI it employs as an example, saying it accurately and consistently recognizes and maps road objects such as guardrails and lane markers.

This allows Bosch to fine-tune its driving technique algorithms further. The acquisition terms have not been disclosed, and the acquisition is still subject to approval by the relevant antitrust bodies.