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Safari 15.4 announces exciting new WebKit features

Safari 15.4 announces exciting new WebKit features

Safari 15.4 announces various new features, fixes, and updates for all Apple devices.

The Webkit team revealed new features and updates in Safari 15.4, including CSS, HTML, and typography. Webkit – a web-browsing engine – is used by Safari, App Store, Mail, and several other iOS, macOS, and Linux applications.

New WebKit Features in Safari 15.4

Here are a few WebKit features in Safari 15.4:


Through WebKit’s lazy image loading with loading-attribute on “<img>” element, software developers can instruct Safari browser to delay loading some images till users scroll near them.

It has also provided support for the worldwide “autofocus” attribute. Elements can easily be signified when the <dialog> displays or page loads.


Several new additions are included to CSS, providing new ways for developers to design and reuse code, building design systems, integrate with compound apps, etc.  

Webkit has also introduced ‘:has()’ pseudo-class in the landing page of Safari. This feature offers an easy way to apply CSS rules solely based on the content of each element. 

It also backs Cascade Layers. It’s a powerful technique to organize and design styles to layers where particularities are measured separately within each layer.

Now, web developers can make a ‘framework’ and ‘custom’ layer, assigning all CSS from third-party framework to “framework layer” while writing codes in a “custom layer.”

In addition to that, WebKit provided support for “CSS Containment” using all four kinds such as layout, paint, style, and size.

WebKit wants to solve pressing developer issues that lack tools that operate similarly to current viewport units. Now, they have full access to modern “Viewport Units” supporting logical dimensions.

Safari 15.4 is available for macOS Monterey 12.3, iOS 15.4, and iPadOS.