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Microsoft Edge will soon be able to encrypt an internet connection to safeguard user privacy and data. Even for Insiders, Microsoft Edge Secure Network is a preview functionality that is not yet accessible. However, Microsoft’s website has a help page for it.

The partnership between Microsoft and Cloudflare powers the Microsoft Edge Secure Network. According to XDA, Edge’s new functionality looks identical to Cloudflare’s service.

According to Microsoft’s support website, when you use the Microsoft Edge Secure Network, your data is transmitted from Edge through an encrypted channel to establish a secure connection.

Users will get 1 GB of free data every month

The encryption works even when using a non-secure URL that starts with HTTP. On a shared public Wi-Fi network, this makes it more difficult for hackers to obtain your browsing data. Microsoft Edge Secure Network, like the finest VPNs, helps avoid internet monitoring and keeps location data secret.

It’s unclear whether the tool, like a VPN, might be used to watch geo-restricted material. According to Microsoft, the Edge Secure Network replaces your geolocation with a similar geographical address.

Microsoft’s encryption solution will allow Edge users to use up to 1GB of data each month for free.

The feature is not yet available for all users

While Microsoft Edge Secure Network isn’t available right now, the instructions to activate it are already outlined, implying that it will be accessible soon.

Microsoft has several iterations of the Edge browser for testing new or experimental features. A support document for the browsers seems to imply that a new feature for private browsing is in the works.

Following posts by Leo Varela, we are led to understand that Microsoft Edge Secure Network is available for some Edge canary users as part of a rollout.