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Founder and former Datto CEO Austin McChord disagrees with the strategy of Kaseya, the new parent company of Datto. According to McChord, Kaseya’s policy will be detrimental to the entire MSP industry.

The founder and former CEO expressed uneasiness with Kaseya’s policy in a recent post on GitHub and LinkedIn. Austin McChord spoke out against the changes Kaseya is implementing for Datto’s staff. These include reducing maternity leave from 16 weeks to three weeks, cutting back on vacation days and eliminating the office as a place for all to meet.

Call to stop

Austin McChord states that Kaseya is deliberately destroying Datto’s culture, noting implications for the entire MSP industry. Customers fear that Datto’s channel-based character will disappear under new leadership. McChord calls on Kaseya’s management to stop these changes and attend to Datto’s staff.

Some customers think that the former CEO shouldn’t be complaining. Change is inherent to acquisitions. Worker benefits are often altered to make the buying party stronger.

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