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TIBCO expanded TIBCO Cloud Integration with new functionality. The iPaaS solution should provide more options for integrating applications, data and devices in hybrid environments.

TIBCO introduced the functionality to help companies automate processes and integrate digital assets across the organization. Companies can thereby respond to market trends faster and become more attractive to existing and new customers.

New in TIBCO Cloud Integration

The new functionality in TIBCO Cloud Integration revolves around intelligence. This intelligence helps users develop integrations based on smart guidance, from design to deployment. Other enhancements help accelerate data integration through AI/ML-based smart mapping technology. Developers receive mapping recommendations based on deep learning of their mapping choices.

In addition, a new API Modeler helps companies design AsyncAPIs for Apache Kafka. Teams can easily share and discover event-driven APIs based on a built-in registry in the TIBCO Cloud platform. This no longer requires self-developed code. Other functionality includes unified decision management and governance capabilities.

Further plans

TIBCO plans to further expand TIBCO Cloud Integration in the near future. To this end, the organization partnered with Automation Hero. the partners are developing intelligent automation capabilities for document processing, among other things. Upcoming features will allow companies to integrate additional valuable data into the platform.

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