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AppLovin wants to acquire Unity Software for €19.6 billion

AppLovin wants to acquire Unity Software for €19.6 billion

AppLovin wants to acquire Unity Software. Interestingly enough, Unity Software recently announced its intention to merge with ironSource, one of AppLovin’s major competitors.

AppLovin sets aside €19.6 billion ($20 billion) for the acquisition of Unity. The organization wants the acquisition to proceed through an exchange of shares. AppLovin is a software company that helps mobile developers sell and integrate advertizing space into their apps. The company offers cloud services that help developers expand the userbase of their apps and generate ad revenue.

Unity, the company to be acquired, offers an engine for video game development. The engine allows developers to integrate complex lightning and physics into their projects with relative ease. The technology can also be used to create digital twin environments.

Integrated toolkit

Following the acquisition, AppLovin plans to market an integrated suite of tools that should allow developers to both develop and monetize video games. The toolkit should increase the productivity and income of development studios, both small and large.

Unity already has a merger deal

AppLovin’s acquisition bid for Unity comes at an interesting time. Unity Software announced its intention to merge with ironSource in July. IronSource is a competitor of AppLovin. The merger is estimated to be worth $4.4 billion. AppLovin indicates that its $20 billion acquisition depends on the merger plans falling through.

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