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Microsoft plans to shut down its Olympia Corp test lab for Windows Enterprise

Microsoft plans to shut down its Olympia Corp test lab for Windows Enterprise

Microsoft Corporation is closing down a program that helped seed Windows in an enterprise.

Microsoft notifies participants in ‘Olympia Corp,’ a test lab for Windows enterprise users, that they will soon close the program. However, various Microsoft officials aren’t commenting on the subject or explaining why they are doing it.

Pending shutdown 

Last week, Windows Insider MVP, Chris Gahlsdorf, tweeted about the impending shutdown. He linked an email on the popular social network site about the inevitable shut down of ‘Olympia Corp.’

The email said:

“Hi Olympia participant,

“We are sending this email to notify you that we will formally be shutting down the Olympia program in a month. We will be unassigning Olympia licenses and deleting the Olympia feedback path.

“Action Required: Take a backup of any data if you are using the provided Olympia licenses in the next 30 days, by September 12, 2022.

“Thank you for your participation and feedback 🙂 Let us know if you have any questions!

Olympia Team”

What is the Olympia Program exactly?

In 2017, Microsoft Corporation launched the Olympia Corp program as a Windows Insider Lab For Enterprise designed to promote Windows 10 Insider Program for Business testers to check different business-oriented features.

The name Olympia Corp was given to the lab in 2018 when Microsoft tried to rebrand it and sought Window Insiders that wanted to test prerelease Windows 10 Enterprise features.

Chris Gahlsdorf noted that Olympia was valuable for Microsoft in considering how things should work when applying in one’s organization. He further added that Microsoft now has various simulations and demos that they believe will fill the bill.

It can be true because Microsoft Corp. has added a wide variety of programs designed to convince companies to shift to Windows 11.

In addition, Windows Central reports that the company may launch Windows 11 version 22H2 on September 20.