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Microsoft provides Viva platform with new functionality

Microsoft provides Viva platform with new functionality

Microsoft launched a substantial update for Viva, its employee management platform. The new functionality should support hybrid working by improving the communications and mutual expectations of managers and employees.

According to research by Microsoft, employees and executives seldomly always agree on how to embrace and implement hybrid working. The tech giant argues that employees and executives have to make three changes to turn hybrid working into a success.

First, ‘productivity paranoia‘ must end. Second, employees and managers have to accept that employees primarily come to the office to make contact with each other. Third, employers must ‘re-hire’ and provide employees with additional skills.

Viva platform

To help companies optimize hybrid work, the tech giant is introducing new features in its Viva platform for employee management. The arrival of Viva Pulse for managers helps leaders get regular and confidential feedback on their teams’ experiences. The tool is based on smart templates and survey-supported questions. According to Microsoft, collecting feedback helps leaders understand their priorities.

The introduction of Viva Amplify allows managers to launch central communications campaigns, receive writing support and publish messages across channels and distribution groups in Microsoft 365. The tool also helps measure and improve communications. Furthermore, the new Answers in Viva tool uses AI to match employee questions with answers. Finally, the new People tool helps map employees’ interests, knowledge and long-term goals.

Other enhancements

Existing Viva applications are also getting updates. For example, Viva Engage will be expanded with Leadership Corner, an environment that allows employees to communicate directly with executives, share ideas and perspectives, and participate in joint initiatives.

In Viva Goals, new integrations are being for MS Teams. Furthermore, an extension to Azure DevOps will become available for workload execution. Additionally, there’s a connection to Power BI datasets that keeps track of KPIs and Key Results.

Other new features for Microsoft Viva focus on extensive integrations between Viva Learning and LinkedIn Learning. The introduction of Viva Sales should ensure that users’ CRM integrates with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams to provide a more streamlined and AI-based sales experience.

Viva Connections will eventually allow all Viva applications to be housed in a single place. Microsoft is releasing the updates in early 2023.

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