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Apple squeezed yet another release into an already crammed October. The layout of iCloud’s beta web app has been redesigned to be more configurable and visually attractive.

It’s good enough to justify bookmarking the page, particularly if you regularly use a combination of Apple devices and other PCs.

The main distinction is customization. When you log in to the current web version of iCloud, you are presented with a grid of huge buttons that you cannot move or edit. If you don’t use any of those sites or want to quickly write a new note or schedule an appointment without needing to open the app, it can be an annoyance.

A familiar look

Apple hasn’t entirely abandoned its rigidity. When viewed in a larger browser, widgets can be two columns wide while limited to one per row, with alternate left and right alignment along the page.

Most users don’t use iCloud’s web interface as their primary interface, although it might be useful for accessing your data while using non-Apple computers or are not signed in. The apps retain their previous interfaces and features.

There’s no word on when the beta will be made the default view. If you regularly access the web version of iCloud, bookmarking the beta is worth the effort. Overall, the makeover improves iCloud’s accessibility.

The redesign centers what you need

The website for specific apps loads when you tap on the top of an app’s widget. For instance, if you’re using the Mail widget and select the Mail header, the iCloud Mail homepage loads. Individual app webpages on beta.icloud.com resemble those on the existing iCloud site.

The current iteration has a homepage that solely shows app icons, requiring you to click each one to access the app. The redesign puts what you need front and center. Whenever you need more details, you can simply click on the tile to delve further.

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