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Amazon brings cashierless payment technology to AWS

Amazon brings cashierless payment technology to AWS

Amazon intends to use AWS to market Amazon Go, a set of technologies and services that allow in-store payments without checkout personnel.

The organization initially developed Amazon Go for small businesses. The technology allows customers to pay without human intervention. As a result, stores require less staff.

Sensors and cameras monitor the products that customers take. The price is charged after they leave the store. The service requires customers to use the Amazon Go smartphone app.

The technology is already in use at several restaurants, cafes, airports and offices in the United States. Reuters reports that Amazon now plans to further market the technology through AWS.

AWS goes cashierless

The Amazon Go team was recently transferred to the public cloud division. Amazon believes AWS offers more opportunities for further sales. The target audience is believed to include hospitals.

In addition, Amazon is upping its bet on cashierless payments in general. The organization previously acquired India-based cashierless firm Watasale for this purpose.

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