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The Notepad application may get tab functionality in Windows 11. This has emerged from a leaked Twitter message from an unnamed Microsoft employee, several tech sites report.

From the leaked Twitter message , it would appear that the 40-year-old Notepad application in Windows 11 is about to get an upgrade. Little has changed to the application in recent years since its first appearance in 1983 in Windows 1.0.

Tabs in Notepad

Specifically, the upgrade is that Notepad will now get tabs functionality. More specifically, a screenshot marked as confidential reveals that the interface now resembles File Explorer with several tabs. The different tabs are visible in a bar at the top. The bar also has a + icon that can be used to open new tabs.

The confidentiality mark would mean that this is not an accidental early build or application shared with Microsoft employees. The warning indicates that this may well be a truly planned update. Nevertheless, it is of course uncertain whether this new functionality will actually see the light of day.

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