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‘Twitter cuts third-party API access’

‘Twitter cuts third-party API access’

Website The Information reports that Twitter has severed the API access of several third-party applications.

The Information reports that the cut involves third-party applications with ‘firehose’ API connections to the social media platform. Third-party applications use ‘firehose’ API connections to send and receive Twitter messages.

According to The Information, Twitter’s internal Slack messages indicate that the cuts are intentional. Not all third-party applications are affected. Twitter reportedly targets applications that replace proprietary functionality, such as Twitterrific and Tweetbot.

The internal messages also suggest that the organization is discussing whether the move should be publicly announced. Twitter has not provided any statements related to the rumours at the time of writing.


Ad revenue

The decision may be related to ad revenue. Analysts speculate that Twitter feels third-party applications don’t generate sufficient income. Elon Musk, the company’s new CEO, mentioned ad revenue as one of Twitter’s priorities following his acquisition of the social media platform.

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