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Collibra announces that it has raised a hundred million dollars in a new investment round. This was led by Alphabet’s CapitalG investment arm. As a result, the company is now worth more than 1 billion dollars, Collibra says. This makes it the first Belgian startup to exceed this value.

Collibra’s fine. The company saw its turnover grow by 80 percent in the past year. In addition, the number of companies using its services has exceeded 300. Collibra’s services help companies ensure the integrity of their business information and prevent data leakage.

Data Governance Center

Collibra’s main offering is the Data Governance Center. This serves as a hub that manages how an employee can use a company’s data. The platform automatically imposes rules to determine what a user can and cannot do with the data. A good example is an insurance policy that stipulates that an employee cannot simply share patient records with others outside the insurance company.

The Data Governance Center also serves as a place where you can keep track of how files change. Employees can therefore see how often a document has been modified and by whom. In this way they can determine for themselves whether the content is reliable. Older versions can also be restored in case the data were not accurate.

Artificial intelligence

In addition to the Data Governance Center, Collibra also offers the possibility to make information more accessible within a company. It has a product that has the Collibra Catalog, where employees can view company data from a central location. But the intention is to bring out even more products.

Collibra has announced that it intends to use the USD 100 million it has now raised to build new products. According to CEO Felix van de Maele, artificial intelligence is the main focus of attention. Collibra already uses KI for the search functionality of the Collibra Catalogue.

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