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Atos offers billions for DXC acquisition

Atos offers billions for DXC acquisition

The French IT company Atos has approached its US rival DXC Technology with an offer for acquisition. Atos is prepared to pay 10 billion dollars (8.15 billion euros) for DXC, making it its biggest acquisition ever.

Atos told Reuters that it would be a “friendly transaction”. With the acquisition, the company would become a digital services superpower with a global presence.

DXC confirms that Atos made an offer. The company was previously unaware that Atos was interested in an acquisition and says that its board of directors would consider the offer.

Expansion into the United States

The acquisition of DXC would give Atos access to a significant customer base in the United States. DXC also offers a wide range of B2B products such as analytics software, cloud applications and IT outsourcing services. Cooperation between the companies will, of course, also facilitate some cost savings.

DXC can make good use of the money. After it was spun off from Hewlett Packard Enterprise in 2017, it sank deeper and deeper into debt. According to Reuters sources, the company is simply too small to compete in a world of tight margins.

Previous acquisitions

Atos has made several acquisitions in recent times. Just last month it acquired the Dutch cybersecurity company Motiv and last July environmental consultancy EcoAct became part of Atos.