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The new standalone “smart collaboration solution” will be available in mid-2023 for $2,345.

This week at Information Systems Europe (ISE 2023) in Barcelona, Lenovo announced their all new ThinkSmart View Plus. Showcasing the Microsoft Teams display,  the new product is a standalone collaboration display with premium audio, video, and whiteboarding features.

Lenovo says that this “smart collaboration solution” is purpose built for hot desking, phone booths, executive desks and home office use cases.

“As the way people work continues to evolve, it is vital to stay connected and engaged, regardless of how and where they work,” the company says. “The innovative ThinkSmart View Plus running Microsoft Teams display is a solution that enables hybrid work by increasing productivity, flexibility, and collaboration through its personal and hotdesking experiences”.

ThinkSmart View Plus is an integrated device with a 27-inch multi-touch display, premium video and audio, and built-in compute for powerful productivity and collaboration, the company insists. ThinkSmart View Plus is a combination of videoconferencing unit and a display monitor. The monitor includes one HDMI, one DisplayPort in and out, two USB-A ports, and one USB-C port. More than enough options. The screen resolution however is a bit low with Full HD at this price point.

Focusing on Microsoft Teams

Lenovo is staking a lot of its marketing attention on the Microsoft Teams collaboration platform. ThinkSmart View Plus offers hotdesking capabilities, so it can be used in flexible workspaces. People can just sit down, login and use them. They get their own personal experience, when they logout their personal information is automatically removed.