Jamboard app and hardware useless from 2024, Google ends support

Jamboard app and hardware useless from 2024, Google ends support

Google is sending the Jamboard app into retirement. As a result, the hardware to support this collaborative tool will also become unusable.

Another spot is being filled in Google’s graveyard. This time, the Jamboard has to go. This was a whiteboard application that could support collaboration in an organization. Hardware also existed to make full use of the application. Companies that made this $5,000 investment can write off the hardware as e-waste starting in 2024. The 4K digital whiteboard will no longer receive automatic updates as of Sept. 30, 2024.

Switching to FigJam, Lucidspark or Miro

Google announced the upcoming end of support in a blog on Workspace. Anyone who has used the app before was further notified via email. Our editors received this email themselves. This gives users enough time to transfer important whiteboards to another application. The tech giant recommends FigJam, Lucidspark and Miro whiteboard tools as decent alternatives. “In the coming months, you will get paths to save or migrate your Jamboard data to FigJam, Lucidspark or Miro with a few mouse clicks.”

As of Oct. 1, 2024, it will no longer be possible to create new Jams or edit existing ones. This end date applies to all platforms, including web, iOS and Android. Already created whiteboards will remain available in Display Only mode until the end of 2024.