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Microsoft has something good to do with the users of Skype. Today, the company announces the arrival of a much-needed new feature: the ability to record audio and video calls. Interestingly, it is available on all platforms except Windows 10.

Since Microsoft released a new version of Skype, to which many Snapchat-like features had been added, it has had to deal with severe criticism. Users didn’t like it. And so Microsoft is now working hard to compensate and bring back the old design. One way is to launch the recording function, which has been requested for a long time.

Privacy concerns?

When a user starts recording a Skype call, a banner appears on the screen. It reads that the conversation is being recorded. The recording is then saved on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud. After the conversation, the recording is completed, and posted to your chat, where it is available for 30 days, says Skype in a blog post. You and everyone in the conversation, can save the recording locally, or share it with your contacts within a period of thirty days.

The recording is saved as MP4 file, which can then be used for sun little every possible purpose. Think of the possibility to make a vlog of it, or a podcast. For this reason, the editing and sharing of the files has been made as easy as possible.

On Monday Microsoft announced that the changes in Skype that were received so negatively will be removed. In return, Microsoft comes up with these new features. For the time being, however, the Windows 10 version of Skype will not be released; it will only be released to the video service in the next few weeks.

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