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Skype has added a series of improvements to its chat options, hoping to stand out from the competition. The message function now includes concepts and bookmarks.

The option for concepts works similar to e-mail. Users write a message, but don’t send it yet. The message is then saved in the conversation with the tag concept. Users can come back later in the message to finish or send it, says TechCrunch.

Another addition inspired by email is the ability to bookmark important messages. This option is available by holding down a message for a long time on a mobile phone or by right-clicking on it on a desktop. The Add Bookmark option then appears, adding the message to the bookmark screen.

Photos and videos

Users are also given the option to view photos, videos and files before they are sent via a message. Skype also organizes photos and videos when a large amount is shared at the same time. Pictures are grouped together and the receiver sees three, then a +-button to see more.

Finally, Skype has rolled out support for a split screen. This option was already available in Windows 10, but is now available in all versions of Windows, Mac and Linux.

End of Skype Online

Skype is one of the older communication apps used, but still has 300 million active users every month. However, the online version of the app should soon disappear. Microsoft announced earlier this summer that Skype for Business Online will be discontinued on July 31, 2021. Teams will have to replace this version of the app.

As a result, new Office 365 customers will no longer have access to Skype for Business Online since 1 September. These users are put directly on Teams. Older customers can switch.

However, the on premise server version of Skype for Business will continue to exist. This service has extended support until 14 October 2025.