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Google has launched a new service called Work Insights. This will give companies more insight into how their employees use the G Suite products and how teams work together with these tools.

When a company starts using new tools, there is always a transition period. Moreover, not all employees use the new tools at the same speed. But most of the tools don’t really work until the whole company starts using them. This certainly applies to communication tools such as Hangouts Chat, but also to productivity tools such as G Suite.

“Work Insights is a tool specifically designed to help companies measure and understand the impact of digital transformation driven by G Suite within their company,” said Reena Nadkarni, group product manager for G Suite, opposite TechCrunch.

Team level

The tool collects data at the team level to help companies understand how their employees use G Suite apps. A team has to contain ten people or more there. In addition, Work Insights gives companies a picture of how users interact with each other in different teams. For example, if they work together on documents, they probably work well together.

“This insight can help top people to identify opportunities to strengthen cooperation,” says Nadkarni.


Google has also launched a research tool that allows companies to better secure their data in G Suite as it becomes widely available. This tool was unveiled in July, but will be available from now on.

The research tool helps administrators to recover from threats. This allows them to identify which users are potentially affected, remove access to Drive files if they were shared externally, and delete rogue emails.

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