Slack blocks accounts of people who have been to Iran

Slack blocks accounts of people who have been to Iran

Slack has started blocking accounts with connections to Iran and other countries. Some of the users would hardly have any ties to Iran and live in countries like Canada, Finland and the United States, but noticed that their Slack account was suddenly deactivated.

That’s what the BBC is reporting today. These are accounts of which the owner has visited Iran or North Korea at some point in time. One user states that her account was closed because she had visited Cuba some years ago. Another student from Canada claims to have lost his account due to ethnic ties with Iran.

Visiting is enough

People whose accounts have been deactivated received a message from Slack explaining what happened. Slack writes to them that the company must comply with US economic sanctions and that the use of products and services in countries and regions, including Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria and Crimea, is prohibited. According to Slack, the blocked accounts have a connection to this.

However, it seems that the company has been a little too rigorous in applying this trade ban. Slack has looked at the geographical location of people. One of the deactivated users reports that a visit to one of the forbidden countries was enough for a blockade. I’m from Belgium. A few years ago I travelled to Iran, according to the user.

One company states that it also has to deal with major consequences of Slack’s decision, after his Chief Technology Officer visited the Crimea. His account has now been blocked, which means that the workspace no longer has an admin, according to a colleague from the CTO.

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