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The Chinese telecom giant Huawei is suing the American government. This is in response to the product ban imposed by the United States. Huawei filed the complaint with the court in the state of Texas.

In August 2018, the United States introduced a law prohibiting the use of certain Huawei network products. The Chinese government may use the products for espionage purposes. For this reason, the government banned its use as a substantial or essential part of telecom networks. According to Huawei, there is no evidence to support the position and the judge must therefore reverse the law.

No evidence

In a statement, Huawei chairman Guo Ping states that, as far as the company is concerned, there is no evidence to support the accusations. For this reason, the company is forced to take this step. According to Guo, it is particularly damaging that the American government is doing its utmost to put the company in a bad light. Even worse is the fact that it’s trying to block us in other countries.

In addition, Guo reiterated the statement that Huawei has never installed any backdoors in its equipment and never will. According to Guo, this is not compulsory under Chinese law at all. Guo refers to a recent statement by the company in which it stated that it had an independent legal expert to look at Chinese legislation. The expert concluded that there are no obligations in Chinese law that could force companies to build back doors.

Increasing threat

Concerns about Huawei arose when, in 2017, the Chinese government passed a law requiring all companies and citizens to ‘support, assist and cooperate’ in all national intelligence work if necessary. In addition, Chinese citizens and companies should keep this a secret, as far as they are aware of it.

This combination is causing the American government to fear that the company would be obliged to build backdoors into its network equipment. This equipment plays an important role in the roll-out of 5G networks. These networks, in turn, are crucial for self-propelled cars and other technologies that rely entirely on an Internet connection.

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