Siemens adds Slack and Microsoft Teams integrations to Digital Innovation Platform

Siemens adds Slack and Microsoft Teams integrations to Digital Innovation Platform

Siemens PLM Software, hereinafter referred to as Siemens, has added support for Slack and Microsoft Teams to its Digital Innovation Platform, reports CloudPro. The company did this through its Teamcenter Cloud Collaboration Hub.

With the update, users of Slack and Microsoft Teams can now post messages and view call history through their Active Workspace by using Teamcenter. Siemens said that this makes it possible to create higher quality products, because engineers and other development teams can see each other’s work and give feedback in real time.

The integrations can be used in different departments. Conversations that require multiple teams to make decisions are easier to manage. If, for example, the engineering team and the project management team need to talk to the supplier team, these discussions can be opened up to the relevant parties. The workspace of other departments will not contain these conversations, to prevent chaos from arising.

Not only should discussions with people who work together – such as employees, customers or partners – become more productive, but teams can also work more quickly on projects. This is made possible by the fast communication between employees in the engineering department.


“Gaining real-time access to the information and using collaborations between different teams to gain insights into that information have become essential to design and create the best products in today’s globally distributed development environment,” said Shubhang Tripathi, senior product marketing manager at Siemens PLM Software.

The integrations for Slack and Microsoft Teams are available in the Active Workspace environments. This means that they are also available in the browser and on mobile devices. Employees can therefore work together in the field and from behind their desk.

As with all Active Workspace integrations, conversations can be filtered and are only present if they are relevant to the employee’s role.

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