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In large companies it can be difficult to book a meeting room. It’s a waste of precious time. Although the problem itself may seem rather small, the costs can be high because it is an obstacle for far too many employees.

That’s why Zoom.ai is introducing a new function to reserve meeting rooms. This function is integrated with Microsoft Teams Rooms, as well as the Google and Robin environments. This means that booking a meeting room can finally become a fast and efficient process.

Book a room

When users want to schedule a meeting, all they have to do is tell their Zoom.ai-assistant how many people they need a room for. The assistant then immediately suggests which space they can reserve and arranges the rest. For people this process usually takes a few minutes, but sometimes a few hours. Checking, double-checking and tuning a room therefore has a major impact on productivity.

Zoom.ai adds even more functions to its reservation function:

  • Out-of-the-box integration: it is very easy to connect to Microsoft Office 365 Rooms, Google Rooms and RobinPowered meeting rooms.
  • Direct synchronization: a meeting room is reserved when someone books it. In this way, everyone can see at any time which space is available and which is not.
  • Specify locations: users can set specific requirements for the locations in which they hold meetings, so that the meeting room is actually accessible to everyone.
  • Favourite room: It is also possible for users to indicate which meeting rooms they prefer. Zoom.ai then first checks whether any of these rooms are available.

To ensure that a meeting room is always suitable, the assistant for an appointment asks several times if the user wants to update the number of attendees. In this way, the AI assistant also makes the best possible use of the number of meeting rooms available. If a meeting does not take place in the end, a meeting room is immediately available again.

Users of Zoom.ai Smart Meeting Corporate will soon be able to use this feature free of charge. However, the system administrator must set it up before the function is available to everyone.

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