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Atlassian has announced a new version of its collaboration platform Confluence. For this new version, the company has announced the acquisition of Good Software, a company that produces analytics tools for Confluence users and administrators.

Atlassian has recently focused on tools such as Jira, Bitbucket and Trello. Confluence has become increasingly popular as a collaborative tool for content, for both technical and non-technical teams. It would even be the second product on the list of products that generate the most turnover.

Confluence gets a total of fifteen new functions, says TechCrunch. One of these functions is extensive analytics, which is logical considering the acquisition of Good Software. This feature allows Confluence users to see how others in their company deal with their content. The idea is to help everyone write better content, not just to see who writes the most popular content.

An HR manager can also use the function to see, for example, that a page with outdated information is still being visited.

New editor

Confluence also gets a new editor. The main functions of that editor are found in most Atlassian products. However, the functions are adjusted for each product. For Confluence this means that there is support for adding emoji to a page. There is also a new /-command, which makes it possible to add tables, photos and macros to a page.

In addition, there is an option to easily create better looking tables of contents, as well as action items, roadmaps and deadlines. Through smartlinks it is also possible to automatically preview content for services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Trello and GitHub. This should make it easier to organise content.

Finally, a set of new templates and a new media experience have been added to Confluence.

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