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CloudCherry, a startup for customer analytics, has been acquired by Cisco. The CloudCherry software helps companies achieve a better customer experience. Cisco will probably use the expertise of the acquisition for its contact center products.

CloudCherry has a platform that allows companies to collect customer feedback. This includes surveys on websites, chats and e-mails. Algorithms then combine the feedback with data that are already known, for example about purchases. This will ultimately result in a visualisation of customer activity, which will help companies to respond better to customer demand and to offer a better experience. The CloudCherry software shows all the steps of customer contact with the company.

Better customer contact

According to SiliconAngle, Cisco will integrate CloudCherry’s software into the company’s contact center software. In particular, the analytical functions must provide added value. “Predictive analytics helps customize the customer journey in real time, such as upselling and cross-selling and enabling discounts or offering coupons to meet customer needs during the interaction,” reports Vasili Triant, head of the Cisco Customer Journey Solutions Group, in a blog post. Cisco further reports that CloudCherry’s 17 integrated feedback channels provide clearer and better customer contact.

According to Cisco, the CloudCherry API complements the company’s cloud architecture by simplifying the inflow of customer data. This saves time in customer service and the analysis and visualization of customer data. Cisco previously announced that the company wanted to use AI and cloud analytics for a better customer experience. The company considers improving customer contact and experience a priority for the future, because it is crucial for the growth of companies.

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