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Avaya has added new features to its Spaces tool to further enhance team collaboration and video conferencing.

The cloud-based measurement and collaboration tool Avaya Spaces brings a number of things together in a single solution, including voice, video, tasks, and file sharing. However, Avaya states in the statement that the way teams interact with data, technology and colleagues is changing in an environment of interconnected digital channels and communication tools. To encourage this, Avaya Spaces will be updated.

For example, the new version introduces permanent cloud spaces for communication and meetings, file sharing and task sharing. It also supports HD video calls with up to 500 users. These calls can be recorded and content sharing is also possible.


Avaya also promises new integrations with other tools. It is already working with Google, Slack, Office 365, Outlook and Microsoft Teams. Further updates will increase compatibility with other Avaya products. For example, there is connectivity to the Avaya IX Collaboration Unit CU360 hardware, and admins can perform management tasks through Avaya Aura and Avaya IP Office.

Avaya Focus

At Avaya, originally primarily a hardware company, the focus is increasingly on finding a new role in the cloud. Recently, for example, a collaboration followed with RingCentral, a party that will supply Avaya with cloud technology. In addition, RingCentral is making a 500 million dollar investment to further strengthen its cloud focus.

There are also rumours that Avaya is awaiting a takeover or merger. This sometimes even assumes a merger with RingCentral.

Tip: Avaya continues to see customer demand as the main priority