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Due to the outbreak of the corona virus, and the subsequent measures taken by companies to massively employ personnel from home, the number of users on Slack and Teams has risen sharply in recent months. To prevent users from having to switch between diesnts for certain calls, Slack is now introducing an app for its service that enables cross-compatibility.

The app, named Microsoft Teams Calls was announced at the end of March, but a release date has not yet been given. From the positive reactions to the upcoming feature, it was clear that the demand for such a way to merge both services into one was high: this is why Slack has speeded up its efforts to make the app available.

Microsoft Teams Calls allows users to start a video call with a few mouse clicks with users working on Microsoft Teams. Both setting up a new call and participating in an existing one are part of the possibilities. Besides these options, it is also possible to see the calendar items about meetings on Microsoft Teams from Outlook and Google on Slack.

According to The Verge, Slack will also have built-in features that make it possible to make calls over the internet with other services. These services also include Zoom, the owners of which saw the use of which increased considerably in the time of the corona virus.