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For a communication setup to be successful, it must have endpoints. Without the right hardware, even with great software, the system would lack the necessary components to work. The world is becoming increasingly different, in that staff can be in remote places, necessitating the use of conferencing tools.

A successful conference system, with a great phone, can make a difference when collaborating with those involved. Cisco is the market leader in communication tech, and now, they are bringing to market a new conference phone. The design is tailored for collaboration.

Features galore

The phone brings HD calls to the forefront, combined with great features like:

  • Better screen tech, where employees and those involved can share content instantly and even digitally sign documents.
  • Its Webex apps come with sharing technology that works in-meeting and through wireless tech. There are options to share web browsers and HDMI too.
  • If you liked Webex, you will have no trouble with this one. The features have a participant list, external display, and an active speaker, to keep track of everything.
  • You can now join meetings with ease by viewing the room calendar and using the Webex button to join instantly. Combine this with a zero-touch solution that uses proximity pairing, powered by Webex apps.
  • It comes with a 6-inch HD display for easier access to Webex.
  • The noise reduction technology and acoustic echo cancellation help eliminate distractions.

Changing the collaborative experience

This device is an all-in-one solution that will allow easier calls ranging from small to mid-sized conferences. In addition to all the features, the central user will be able to access usage analytics to have better insight into the business.