Zoom sells all-in-one communication appliance for 599 dollars

Zoom sells all-in-one communication appliance for 599 dollars

During the pandemic, Zoom has managed to establish itself as the go-to online communications platform. The company has run into hitches, with customers having to figure out how to set up their equipment for a productive meeting environment.

The company is now providing a solution to this problem, with an all-in-one communications appliance that you can set up using a simple touch interface. The device is designed for home use and is named Zoom for Home – DTEN ME. It is a product of Zoom’s partnership with DTEN.

An easy way to communicate

The appliance comes with a 27-inch screen (like a large tablet), with three wide-angle cameras. The resolution is quite high on the cameras. For sound, you are provided with 8 microphones. The Zoom software is already loaded and installed into the device with an interface designed to give users access to popular Zoom features.

The head of Zoom Rooms, Jeff Smith, said that the idea here is to give people something they can get out of a box and start using, with minimal set-up processes. It is a way for users to put in motion, personal collaboration devices into their meetings, calls, and interactive whiteboard spaces.

Zoom in a box

The appliance is ‘Zoom’s best features in a box.’ All you need to do is launch the interface by going to the website and entering the pairing code, using your laptop or phone. Once the interface comes up, you can touch any function you would like to use and connect automatically.

Users can link with the calendar, so their meetings appear on the sidebar. You can touch the next meeting, and it connects immediately. Pairing devices with the appliance is also easy. This DTEN appliance will cost $599 and works using your existing Zoom license. You can pre-order now.