Siemens and SAP partner on Industry 4.0

Siemens and SAP partner on Industry 4.0

Siemens has partnered with SAP in an effort that is designed to increase customer satisfaction in the following key areas: Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), supply chain, and asset management. Customers will now be able to obtain an entire digital thread that accounts for all assets’ data throughout the lifecycle.

Klaus Helmrich, the CEO of Siemens Digital Industries, said that the companies are collaborating and bringing their resources together, to enable digital transformation. This union would be the basis of increased productivity in manufacturing industries besides flexibility and accelerated innovation.

The end of silo mentality

The silo mentality that existed between enterprises has now been abolished with this new partnership. It has paved the way for manufacturers, product designers, and service managers to interact freely in the production and distribution chain.

Thomas Saueressig, who is the head of product Engineering of SAP, says that to achieve improved innovations in the market, access to reliable business information should be given top priority. By combining the expertise from Siemens and SAP, they can offer 4.0-enabled business processes to create a digital thread for the entire product.

A competitive advantage for Siemens and SAP

The outcome will be the delivery of innovative products, a leveraged industry, and shortened marketing time. On the other hand, organizations will be able to account for the feedback from the customers fully. The first step in the deal will be the buying of Teamcenter software from SAP, which will serve as the backbone for product data management and product lifecycle collaboration.

On the other hand, SAP will buy Intelligent Asset Management from Siemens, together with Portfolio Management solutions. Bob Parker, the senior vice president of industry research at IDC, says that the combination of the two companies makes the business more resilient even in the ever-changing market, giving it a competitive advantage over others.

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